Thursday, June 15, 2006

Et Cetera

  Alright.  Step away from the MySpace.  Summer means more free time, so why not use some of it to learn about something new.  During these infernal, blood-boiling, instant melanoma months, use a little bit of that indoor time to broaden your horizons.  Learn something new.  This week, I have compiled a short list of things in no particular order, culled from the most interesting in pop culture, past and present.  Plug one into Google and see where it takes you.

  Lester Bangs.  Desmond Dekker.  The Cinderella Project.  Ft. Minor.  Burj al-Arab.  Bonnaroo.  Chuck Klosterman.  Wesley Willis.  Listen N Learn Mixtape.  Wholphin.  Leroy Neiman.  826NYC.  AirTroductions.  Charles Bukowski.  The Hype Machine.  Dane Cook.  Stan Brakhage.  Lupe Fiasco.  The Death of Salvador Dali.  David Lehre.  Mr. Nogatco.  Hipster Cards.  What Would Tyler Durden Do?  This Old Road.  Rap Snacks.  10 x 10.  DJ Green Lantern.  Aaron McGruder.  The Mouse And The Mask.  Fast Food Nation.  Neko Case.  The Poetry Project at St. Mark’s.  Harper’s Index.  Dr. John.  Idlewild movie.  Alphabet of Manliness.  The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  James McMurtry.  Word Spy.  Cool Hunting.  McSweeney’s.  Where My Dogs At?  Songfight.  Bloggermann.  Conor Oberst.  Stanley Crouch.  Robert Crumb.  All The Roadrunning.  South Pole Live Camera.  Stadium Arcadium.  Daniel Clowes.  BBC America.  The Death Clock.  Frank Miller.  Antony and The Johnsons.  Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.  Gimme Fiction.  Urban Dictionary.  Chuck Palahniuk.  Anderson Cooper.  Amiri Baraka.  Black.White.  The First Amendment Project.  Adidas 1 Basketball.  Dave Chappelle’s Block Party.  Eugene Jarecki.  Professor Longhair.  Jello Biafra.  The Little Willies.  Bronx In Blue.  Devendra Banhart.  Exploitation Poster Art.  Jim Jarmusch.  The World RPS Society.  Why Are We in Vietnam?  Essie Mae Washington-Williams.  The Criterion Collection.  Rhett Miller.  Snowman Shirts.  OneDerWear.  Meteorologist Scott Stevens.  Cell phone blocking paint.  Living With War.  Paul Simon, Surprise.  Theme Time Radio Hour.  Never Leave Lonely Alone.  The Fray.  Slum Village.  Pete Seeger.  Pimp C.  The Up Series.  Barack Obama.  Cash Black Cadillac.  Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins.  Regret The Error.  Cat Power.  Jim Bob Duggar.  The Gang That Wouldn’t Write Straight.  New York Doll.  Danger Mouse.  Be Here To Love Me.  Peter Tosh.  Celebrities Eating.  Elapsed Time Since Britney & K-Fed Were Last Photographed.  The Woody Creeker.  Lang Lang.  RedTacton.  NPR All Songs Considered.  Angels & Airwaves.  Sarah Silverman.  Podcast Factory. 

  There.  Now you have 115 things that you can explore while your waiting on those nimrods in shipping and receiving.  Just tear this out and stick it to your cubicle wall.  Before long, you’ll be squandering company time without having to fill out MySpace surveys, and you’ll have a new catalogue of water-cooler fodder.  You’re welcome.                                                          

-From Pulse
   June 15, 2006